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I design workbooks and printables for soo many different reasons! They are perfect to have as a freebie when people join your mailing list or your Facebook group.

If you have a course or are thinking of launching one then I totally recommend having beautiful workbooks that people are excited to fill out and will #instagram about!

I can also make PDF’s editable to that your clients do not have to print the document to be able to use it. It’s always nice to save a few trees, plus it means that even if someone doesn’t have a printer they can still buy from you!


If you’re a #bossbabe or a member of The Société you’ll recognise the workbooks below. If your a female entrepreneur and you aren’t one of the 1.5million following then you should be!

Prices start from £100.



I can also create beautiful graphics for you to use across social media to promote your course/printable freebie. I can photoshop the workbook into any device/background.

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