I am a such a chatter box, I love talking about travelling, business and how I juggle it all. I am also passionate about life hacks, working smarter not harder, I live a very minimal life and I am also excellent at saving money.

Here are some podcasts I have been lucky enough to be featured on. If you listen to any of these episode would LOVE to hear what you think.

If you have a podcast and you want to have me as a guest please get in touch here.


The travelling lifestyle

In an open chat over tea, pro traveller of 9 years and close friend Hollie and I, discuss the pressing questions about the travel lifestyle. We cover the Millennial crisis of how best to use our time and twenties, societal norms and pressures associated with a non career-focused trajectory, and self-learnings acquired from temporal, nomad living. At the end we leave you with this question - what is most important to you?

How to live outside your comfort zone?

World traveler and graphic designer, Hollie Clarke is our guest today and she’s dishing how she went to the Maldives for just $68/night, how she has failed up and how she finds security in working for herself rather than in a 9-5. If you’re ready for some motivation to start embracing opportunities, then get ready to feel inspired!

How To Design Your Dream Life, Dream Career & Travel The World!

We chat about crazy travel adventures and how to travel full-time with a partner. How to create a work/life balance as a full-time remote graphic designer, as well as the importance of having a can-do attitude! We also chat about how to get your first client as a brand new service-based entrepreneur?