🏝Why I started my graphic design business...  ✈️

If I’m not having fun, it’s not worth it! The main thing I want to achieve in life is a happy fun life, filled with memories, friendships, love and seeing extraordinary sights.


So when I was thinking about what type of business I wanted I knew it needed to fit into my lifestyle and overall ambitions.

I wanted something that would be:
✅Location independent
✅Helping others achieve big things
✅Being creative
✅Consulting on business strategies
✅Challenging myself to learn new skills

That’s why I started my graphic design business...

🏝I can work from anywhere in the world, in the last 3 years I have travelled all across the world to places like India, the Phillipines, the Maldives, South America and more! ✈️

🚀 I have helped so many entrepreneurs launch the business of their dreams by building brands and websites that their ideal clients get to know, like and trust!

🖍Every single day I get to be inspired and get creative, I spend time on Pinterest (so much time that I now get over 2 million monthly views to my account 😂👏🏼). I also spent time on photoshop and illustrator drawing which brings me joy✍🏼

🗣I get to chat to soo many people who are brainstorming their business ideas 💡 launching new products, offering new services and selling in new ways, on new platforms! I love taking clients from confused to light bulb moment! 💕

👩🏽‍💻I am constantly learning new skills! I invested in courses to learn new techniques and well as spending countless hours on YouTube learning new things! I LOVE seeing what I can achieve when I set my mind to it! 

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Hollie Clarke