✨Why branding is important✨

Apple, Nike and Harrods. Have you ever wondered why these brands can charge top dollar? Of course it’s down to having a product that people want, but after that BRANDING is the main reason that all of these brands have a base of raving fans who will buy any new product that the brand launches! Isn’t this something you want too?


Branding is the feeling you get when you connect with a brand, people should recognise your brand without having to see the logo, they should see your social posts, hear your voice, read your quotes and once you've totally nailed your branding you'll even get your customers/ideal clients reaching out to you and tagging you in really relevant brand content. 

For example say your brand is all about sunshine and happiness and all things yellow, you'll start getting people sharing images that they see that remind them of you and your brand! - That's when you know that you've nailed it with all your branding and that you are RESONATING with your audience! - I can take you from confused branding with just a logo and no cohesive colours, fonts or message to a brand which is beautiful, cohesive and resonates so much with their audience that they get DM’s daily from their ideal client! 

Your branding will set you apart from your competitors, it will make people in your industry recognise you as force to be reckoned with! 


Then first off, what’s a style guide? It’s a PDF document of all the brand standards custom of your brand. It’s the outline of the coloUr palette, fonts, logos, and graphics that show how to be used in your business.

The best part about it is that you can hand it off to anyone you work with, another designer or a new employee and they’ll understand the full idea on how your brand should look.

Working with a client that doesn’t even know what this is or has no idea what colours or fonts are used always makes things more complex and expensive in the long run.


Because it keeps your brand consistent. If you decide to hire a new designer, they know exactly where to pick up and it’ll look completely cohesive. It provides the complete guidelines to your visual identity.

It keeps everything organised and in one place. No more scrolling through emails to figure out the codes to the colours you used or finding the font names that you need.

It’s all laid out in this essential guide.

And if your designer isn’t handing you over a style guide (unless you chose to opt out) then you should probably be asking some questions.

Because trust me, when you’re looking to create anything new and you have no idea what your fonts are. It will cost you more in the long run when a designer has to look for it or find a similar one.

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Hollie Clarke