My first investment in my business

I want to tell you a story about the first big thing I invested in for my business. 


I invested in a new MacBook Pro!

I have had my MacBook Pro since I was at University (I bought it mid 2010). It was April 2018, I was starting to get more and more clients and my laptop was getting slower and slower running Photoshop, InDesign and building websites. 

I kept saying to my self that it was fine, and what difference would a new MacBook make anyway, mine did the job. Then I called my mum and she said just do it girl, if you want people to invest in you, you need to invest in yourself. So I spent the next few days doing all the research and then walked into the apple store and bought a brand new MacBook for several $k! 

I used the profit I had made from my first 6 months to make the purchase, this made it even more special. I would never recommend going into debt in order to upgrade your equipment.

When I turned it on it was lightning speed! It made me soo much quicker and tasks that used to take me 1 hour were now only taking me 20 minutes! It also changed my mindset, it was my first big leap into the unknown, into being a business owner. I had been playing small for so long and treating my business as just a little side hustle so this was me committing to myself that I would make it into something bigger! 

Now look where I am - running a successful business, helping women create the brands and websites they dream of. I get to be part of so many peoples unique and wonderful journeys, clients become friends and these friends have now become my biggest cheerleaders. It all started with taking a leap of faith.

I hope that story shared a little insight about me, and I really hope it helps and resonates with you. If it left you feeling inspired then let em know! My inbox and DM’s are ALWAYS open! 

Hollie Clarke