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GRAPHIC DESIGNER & SquareSpace Expert

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I am a design and branding specialist

I started my design agency to help ambitious and talented women like you elevate your brand and create something exceptionally personal which will resonate with your audience and make you stand out amongst your competition. I specialise in providing you with a truly personalised design experience. Starting with a blank canvas, I create strategic and beautiful designs built on your core your values and unique genius.


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I believe that we should all stay in our zone of genius which is why I specialise in building websites using SquareSpace. So if your launching a product or your a serviced based business SquareSpace is an amazing platform!


This element of your business is crucial, would you leave your house with no clothes? Well then why put your business into the world if it isn’t fully dressed?


Ask your self this? Do you have an email list? Do you offer a freebie as an incentive for people signing up to your mailing list? If not, then let me tell you why you could be missing out on £1,000 in sales!


 Did you know that I also travel full time while running my graphic design business? I would love for you to follow my journey!